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What is Attorney Services of El Dorado County?

  • Attorney Services of El Dorado County is a legal services company, providing services from process serving, to court filings, to court research, as well as legal document preparation and local courier services. Attorney Services of El Dorado County provides services to the entire Lake Tahoe basin, Sacramento, and Northwestern Nevada.

    Attorney Services of El Dorado Count has been providing legal service assistance in South Lake Tahoe for over a decade. In December of 2007, our company expanded, taking over A.S. A. P. Process Serving (formerly located in Truckee, CA), thus expanding our coverage area, making us the go-to legal services company in the Lake Tahoe basin and surrounding areas.

    Contact us if you have any questions about our coverage area or the services we provide.

How does my company use the Attorney Services of El Dorado County web site to request services?

  • Starting in the Spring of 2008, Attorney Services of El Dorado County will be implementing a new online job request and atatus checking web site. To take advantage of this new site, simply follow the instructions below:

    1. Register - In the top navigation menu, you will see a Register link. Click the link, and it will take you to our registration page. Fill out the required information, and submit your registration. Once you register, an activation link will be sent to you, through the e-mail you used to register. Follow the instructions in the e-mail, and you're halfway finished.

    2.  Activation - Once you have verified your e-mail, our staff will complete your sign up process by customizing your   account with all the necessary elements for you to begin submitting jobs to us via the web site. This process can usually be completed in less than an hour. Once we have your account all set up, you will receive another e-mail from our web staff, letting you know you're ready to begin using our site.

How do I submit a process serving request?

  • Follow these simple instructions:
    1. Log in, or register if you are not yet entered into our system.
    2. Once you are logged in, click "New Task".
    3. On the screen that comes up, name your Task, such as "Service of John Smith".
    4. Fill out the other fields, such as giving your Task a custom status and priority level.
    5. Next, you will see a text area. This is for the details of your Task, such as where to serve Mr. Smith, his description, the documents to serve, etc.
    6. All the rest of the fields on the page are for the web staff, so you do not need to fill them out.
    7. When complete, click the "Create Task" button in the left column.